Melt down much?

The high of conquering week 1 has worn off, mini meltdowns ensue.  This was last night:



On top of this, we have also witness a public shaming for speaking of hamburgers and something (that sounds amazing) called Spanish Fries, and one of we 4 fat girls (who shall remain nameless) LICKING ranch off of her potato chip bag-even after she was informed of all the nasty people/rats/etc that could have touched it.  Yep, its gettin’ real folks.

We are hungry, we are cranky, we are emotional, we are frustrated.  Which leads us to our WHY.  Why are we putting ourselves through this misery?  Why don’t we just go home and sleep or eat whatever delicious better encrusted treat they are serving in the cafeteria today?  Because we are motivated, that’s why!  Right?  Sometimes (usually 2-3 times per day) we have to remind ourselves or our WHY.





Whether our goal is to get into some old clothes, be happy and health, to be back to our college weight, or just to simply NOT have to wear a one piece at the lake, we have to remember our goals every second of every day.


We are definitely feeling it in the first 2 weeks, so we can’t wait until 2 weeks from now we can see some results.

Until then, it is time for some tough love.  Power through, put your big girl panties on, suck it freaking up and just keep going.


And if that doesn’t work…


And as an absolute last resort…adhesive.


Or tape, lol.  A rep brought us some fudge yesterday and this is how I found it in the break room, completely taped.  Fat girls don’t have time for that.

blog77 blog76

So onward we go into the abyss.  Let us not forget our WHY, and most importantly, that we rock.



Am I skinny yet?


Week 1 is officially behind us and our results have been, wait for it, meh.  I gained 4 pounds right away and only lost 3 of them over the weekend (so I am still 1 pound up), another one of us has also gained 4 pounds, and the other two are holding pretty steadily to where they started.  Now, we know that we are gaining muscle and most likely retaining some water due to that.  We also know that we will not see immediate results, as we didn’t gain this weight overnight.  That in mind, we can only rely on what we feel, and that has been met with many mixed emotions.

We fluctuate from feeling stronger and ready to walk an extra 5 miles, to being apprehensive that any of it is working at all.  We are elated to have lost any weight, but frustrated that we are still heavier than we were this time last week.  We are glad to be a week down, and excited to move to phase 2 later this week, but fear the impending doom of Ms. Michaels and her dreaded high knees.  Funny fat girl tidbit, when mentioning the high knees to another fellow fat girl, she responded “what’s a hiney?” LOL.

So this week we push on, watching what we eat in an effort to maximize our results and speed up our skinny. We have been mindful of our diet prior to this, but those conversations were more like:

B:  (drops something) “Oh good gravy!”

S:  We are on a diet, there is no such thing as good gravy.

B:  “Huh?”

H:  “Ha!  She only heard gravy.”

S:  “Ya, she has selective hearing when it comes to gravy.”


Last week there was a lot of whining and crying and missing chocolate.  We have high hopes for this week though.  We are more prepared, less sore, and one day closer to the lake 🙂


Did you say cheeseburger?

Day 5 is in full swing and we 4 fat girls have overcome the obstacle of time (making sure we workout every day), muscle soreness, and humility; for were we not able to laugh at ourselves, we probably would have made it this far.

Though we have come so far, we still have a long way to go and do still have one major cloud lingering above us.  Food.  We all have different food issues, and in some instances share multiple food issues, that we are working to overcome.


1.  We are hungry all the time.  Between we 4 fat girls, two if us could eat any time of day regardless of how long ago we last ate, what we ate, or how much we ate; the other two are more hungry now that we are working out.

2.  We overeat.

3.  We don’t prepare.

4.  We love junk, in all varieties.

So, now that we are aware, what do we do?  We fix it, of course.  That doesn’t mean we don’t fail or struggle, but together we are slowly  making progress, and its been great.


We all started making better choices:  not skipping breakfast, green smoothies over fast food, bringing healthy lunches, etc.  That being said, the following quotes are straight from the mouths of 4 fat girls.

1.  During a conversation about whether or not to rent/lease a home between two of we 4 fat girls, a third fat girl chimes in, “Did you say cheeseburger?”

2.  This pic says Lazy girl problem, but is definitely a fat girl problem.

BLOG2This happened, and the snack was a slice of pizza.

3.  An argument breaks out over new pens…fat girl a was given A was given a pen, fat girl B wanted a pen…until she realized it was a pen “oh, its not a sucker?”

4.  And finally, when asked what her biggest food issue was, (in preparation for today’s blog) one of we 4 fat girls responded “I am in such a hurry to get home and workout that I get fast food for dinner.”

Funny thing about fat girls and food, we don’t like to share our junk food.


We are a work in progress though and are trying harder everyday to make better choices and share what we have learned with each other.  We constantly remind each other that not all salads are healthy, peanut M&M’s are not a good source of protein, we cannot out-exercise a bad diet, and that this is a lifestyle change, not corporal punishment.

BLOG16 blog39

We are challenged everyday with cravings, but together we reign them in.


We also like to reward ourselves after a long week of hard work but must also remind ourselves not to drink away (or eat) our progress.


And finally, we must remind ourselves of the consequences or our actions.


As a reminder for we 4 fat girls, here are some of our worst enemies and their burpee equivalent:

Dr. Pepper…32 OZ…450 CAL…283 BURPEES…get busy ladies!

Ranch…8 tbsp (the size of the container in the cafe)…584 cal…367 BURPEES

Kettle Chips (1 bag)…375 cal…235 BURPEES

Chik-fil-A breakfast burrito…440 cal…276 BURPEES

McD’s egg mcmuffin meal…550 cal…283 BURPEES

Average mexican restaurant meal…1282 cal…806 BURPEES (OMG)


As a point of reference, I asked one of we 4 fat girls to stop and do some burpees and see how many she could crank out before she tired…it was 6.  ROLF!

With this in mind, let us be more cognizant of what we shovel in our mouths this weekend, shall we? And remember…

blog37 blog38

So sore I can’t even…

Anyone who has done the 30 Day Shred will tell you that the cool down at the end is not really enough if you are starting from scratch.  We 4 fat girls knew this going in and did spend more time stretching afterward, however that did not keep us from being so sore in the first few days that we could hardly function.  The following are true accounts of our pain and suffering.


This is completely false.  Here are some pretty funny awesome facts about our first 3 days:

1.  Waking up and not being able to walk.

2.  Falling aimlessly toward the toilet and almost missing because it was too hard to squat down all the way.

3.  Getting stuck on the office floor while looking for a paper jam in the copier.

It was obvious we needed to stretch more.

BLOG19This is not one of us, but definitely how we felt.  Another girl in our office gave it a go and was much better at it.

blog42She is not shredding with us, this skinny little heifer is breastfeeding and thus doesn’t have to endure such atrocities.

Enter the butt stretch:  it is fabulous, we are fans.

blog43And you know you are sore when you are willing to lie down on the floor, at work no less, and have a fellow fat girl almost break your leg to stretch your sore backside.

And finally, the godforsaken sports bra (or combination thereof).  We were so sore that putting on the bra(s) became daunting, but getting them off was even worse.  We found this video of men trying on Spanx that pretty much sums it up.  You can thank us later, it is fabulous.


(you may have to copy and paste this link to your browser to view video)

If you considering the 30 Day Shred, rest assured the crazy awful soreness does subside after workout 3.  We are going into day 4 and can finally walk (and sit on the toilet) without sounding like we are in labor.

The good, the bad, and the funny.

We 4 fat girls (Jennifer, Brenna, Shannon, and Heather) work together and probably spend more time with each other at work than we do with our families.  We decided to start the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred program in an effort to slim down.  We had no idea how hilarious it would be.


The following screen shots are only the beginning of the shenanigans that will ensue throughout our journey.  You’re welcome.









All of this transpired in only our first 2.5 days.  So far we are waddling around the office and are in all sorts of pain, but together we shall proceed!