So sore I can’t even…

Anyone who has done the 30 Day Shred will tell you that the cool down at the end is not really enough if you are starting from scratch.  We 4 fat girls knew this going in and did spend more time stretching afterward, however that did not keep us from being so sore in the first few days that we could hardly function.  The following are true accounts of our pain and suffering.


This is completely false.  Here are some pretty funny awesome facts about our first 3 days:

1.  Waking up and not being able to walk.

2.  Falling aimlessly toward the toilet and almost missing because it was too hard to squat down all the way.

3.  Getting stuck on the office floor while looking for a paper jam in the copier.

It was obvious we needed to stretch more.

BLOG19This is not one of us, but definitely how we felt.  Another girl in our office gave it a go and was much better at it.

blog42She is not shredding with us, this skinny little heifer is breastfeeding and thus doesn’t have to endure such atrocities.

Enter the butt stretch:  it is fabulous, we are fans.

blog43And you know you are sore when you are willing to lie down on the floor, at work no less, and have a fellow fat girl almost break your leg to stretch your sore backside.

And finally, the godforsaken sports bra (or combination thereof).  We were so sore that putting on the bra(s) became daunting, but getting them off was even worse.  We found this video of men trying on Spanx that pretty much sums it up.  You can thank us later, it is fabulous.


(you may have to copy and paste this link to your browser to view video)

If you considering the 30 Day Shred, rest assured the crazy awful soreness does subside after workout 3.  We are going into day 4 and can finally walk (and sit on the toilet) without sounding like we are in labor.


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