Am I skinny yet?


Week 1 is officially behind us and our results have been, wait for it, meh.  I gained 4 pounds right away and only lost 3 of them over the weekend (so I am still 1 pound up), another one of us has also gained 4 pounds, and the other two are holding pretty steadily to where they started.  Now, we know that we are gaining muscle and most likely retaining some water due to that.  We also know that we will not see immediate results, as we didn’t gain this weight overnight.  That in mind, we can only rely on what we feel, and that has been met with many mixed emotions.

We fluctuate from feeling stronger and ready to walk an extra 5 miles, to being apprehensive that any of it is working at all.  We are elated to have lost any weight, but frustrated that we are still heavier than we were this time last week.  We are glad to be a week down, and excited to move to phase 2 later this week, but fear the impending doom of Ms. Michaels and her dreaded high knees.  Funny fat girl tidbit, when mentioning the high knees to another fellow fat girl, she responded “what’s a hiney?” LOL.

So this week we push on, watching what we eat in an effort to maximize our results and speed up our skinny. We have been mindful of our diet prior to this, but those conversations were more like:

B:  (drops something) “Oh good gravy!”

S:  We are on a diet, there is no such thing as good gravy.

B:  “Huh?”

H:  “Ha!  She only heard gravy.”

S:  “Ya, she has selective hearing when it comes to gravy.”


Last week there was a lot of whining and crying and missing chocolate.  We have high hopes for this week though.  We are more prepared, less sore, and one day closer to the lake 🙂