Melt down much?

The high of conquering week 1 has worn off, mini meltdowns ensue.  This was last night:



On top of this, we have also witness a public shaming for speaking of hamburgers and something (that sounds amazing) called Spanish Fries, and one of we 4 fat girls (who shall remain nameless) LICKING ranch off of her potato chip bag-even after she was informed of all the nasty people/rats/etc that could have touched it.  Yep, its gettin’ real folks.

We are hungry, we are cranky, we are emotional, we are frustrated.  Which leads us to our WHY.  Why are we putting ourselves through this misery?  Why don’t we just go home and sleep or eat whatever delicious better encrusted treat they are serving in the cafeteria today?  Because we are motivated, that’s why!  Right?  Sometimes (usually 2-3 times per day) we have to remind ourselves or our WHY.





Whether our goal is to get into some old clothes, be happy and health, to be back to our college weight, or just to simply NOT have to wear a one piece at the lake, we have to remember our goals every second of every day.


We are definitely feeling it in the first 2 weeks, so we can’t wait until 2 weeks from now we can see some results.

Until then, it is time for some tough love.  Power through, put your big girl panties on, suck it freaking up and just keep going.


And if that doesn’t work…


And as an absolute last resort…adhesive.


Or tape, lol.  A rep brought us some fudge yesterday and this is how I found it in the break room, completely taped.  Fat girls don’t have time for that.

blog77 blog76

So onward we go into the abyss.  Let us not forget our WHY, and most importantly, that we rock.